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Use at own risk – NF stock ranking January 20, 2016 at 5 pm PST

“Was the method leading to the discovery called Luck in the Night, as Rob thought, or was it Blazing Night? Is it why her name is the same? Perhaps the formulas were many and placed and weighed on the flower shelves. Like flowers placed on it, the formulas were of different strengths and connected from the ground to the top in such way that there was no crossing of the structure? Was that transformed into a multidimensional space?”

-Blue Earth, J. M. K. Walkow


The Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) methods were used to rank the following group of stocks as of 5 pm PST, 2016-01-20. Use at own risk.

$0.08 2016-01-20 AAPL
$0.08 2016-01-20 AMZN
$0.07 2016-01-20 F
$0.07 2016-01-20 FB
$0.07 2016-01-20 FCAU
$0.07 2016-01-20 WFC
$0.07 2016-01-20 MS
$0.07 2016-01-20 SAN
$0.07 2016-01-20 C
$0.07 2016-01-20 INTC
$0.06 2016-01-20 CRM
$0.06 2016-01-20 GM
$0.06 2016-01-20 BNPQY
$0.06 2016-01-20 QCOM
$0.06 2016-01-20 GOOG
$0.05 2016-01-20 NSANY
$0.05 2016-01-20 BAC
$0.05 2016-01-20 JPM
$0.05 2016-01-20 VZ
$0.05 2016-01-20 ORCL
$0.05 2016-01-20 POT
$0.04 2016-01-20 NRZ
$0.04 2016-01-20 TSLA
$0.04 2016-01-20 CBS
$0.04 2016-01-20 IBM
$0.03 2016-01-20 TXN
$0.03 2016-01-20 AXP
$0.03 2016-01-20 PYPL
$0.03 2016-01-20 TU
$0.03 2016-01-20 MA
$0.03 2016-01-20 DD
$0.03 2016-01-20 CP
$0.03 2016-01-20 MSFT
$0.02 2016-01-20 T
$0.02 2016-01-20 AIG
$0.02 2016-01-20 CMCSA
$0.02 2016-01-20 AQN
$0.01 2016-01-20 GILD
$0.01 2016-01-20 TWX
$0.01 2016-01-20 UNH
$0.01 2016-01-20 UPS
$0.01 2016-01-20 EXC
$0.01 2016-01-20 EBAY
$0.01 2016-01-20 DIS
$0.01 2016-01-20 NKE
$0.01 2016-01-20 BMO
$0.01 2016-01-20 HPT
$0.00 2016-01-20 TEVA
($0.00) 2016-01-20 DAL
($0.00) 2016-01-20 BP
($0.01) 2016-01-20 BRK.B
($0.01) 2016-01-20 PG
($0.01) 2016-01-20 MRK
($0.01) 2016-01-20 S&P 500
($0.01) 2016-01-20 MAN
($0.01) 2016-01-20 GE
($0.02) 2016-01-20 KO
($0.02) 2016-01-20 HON
($0.02) 2016-01-20 JNJ
($0.02) 2016-01-20 ORAN
($0.02) 2016-01-20 CVX
($0.02) 2016-01-20 AMGN
($0.03) 2016-01-20 NFLX
($0.03) 2016-01-20 ACN
($0.03) 2016-01-20 DB
($0.03) 2016-01-20 LMT
($0.04) 2016-01-20 MCD
($0.04) 2016-01-20 MMM
($0.04) 2016-01-20 RTN
($0.04) 2016-01-20 PM
($0.06) 2016-01-20 DPZ
($0.06) 2016-01-20 WMT
($0.08) 2016-01-20 XOM



Thank you to the publishing body of “Blue Earth”, “Blazing Night” and “Blazing Scribbles” for the permissions to use the copyrighted materials:
Blue Earth – The Body, J.M.K. Walkow, ISBN 9780986656446
Blazing Scribbles, ISBN 9780986656460
Blazing Night, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408


The FDA Drug Development Process – an NF interpretation in Mold

“Take better care of your health, please, please,” cautioned Blazing Night.
“I’m trying to,” said Rob.
“You’re not trying hard enough,” advised Blazing Night.

Blue Earth Water

The U.S. Food an Drug Administration (FDA) drug development process is presented here in a Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) Mold dialect:

discovery and development + preclinical 0.1% move to the next phase over several years + clinical PhaseOne 70% move to the next phase over several months, and then 33% in PhaseTwo over several months to two years, and then 25% to 30% in PhaseThree over 1 to 4 years + review 6 to 10 months + monitoring

or on average:

discovery and development + preclinical + clinical + review + monitoring: 1 drug out of 5,000 make to market over 12 years


What about treatment, which can only be tested on humans?

discovery and development + clinical + review + monitoring?

Inducing emotions and measuring the results?

Music, art, reading, film watching or game playing?

Patient caring in hospital, home or virtual space?


U.S. Food an Drug Administration: The Drug Development Process
Wikipedia as of January 15, 2016: Experimental cancer treatment, Oncology
Blazing Scribbles, J.M.K. Walkow, ISBN 9780986656460
Blue Earth – The Body
Naturalistic Fantasy, J.M.K. Walkow, ISBN 9780986656422
Blazing Night

Mathematics – blazing samples

“Each night, lit by the street lamp beside his dormitory on the stairs of the eastern door of the hall, he typed text and script in Mold.”

Thank you to the publishing body of “Blazing Night” and “Blazing Scribbles” for the permissions to use the copyrighted materials:

Blazing Scribbles, ISBN 9780986656460
Blazing Night, ISBNs 9780986656415, 9780986656408

Naturalistic Fantasy

This is where science, mathematics, technology, music, philosophy, literature, art and spirituality come together. Enjoy a few samples of art, poetry, prose and innovations by the author of Blazing Night.

Naturalistic Fantasy


Blue Earth Trail

Classical Logic – Square of Opposition – an Aristotelian AI?

JMK Walkow

“A Nonstandard Graph, Elements and Operations, a Card Game Dialect A combination of the Mold dialects and Sandwich graphs, backed by axiomatic math, creates a unique space of science and fantasy.”

– J.M.K. Walkow, Naturalistic Fantasy

The Four Aristotelian Propositions and Square of Opposition

S-P=0              S-P=S

S-P<S              S-P>0

– weak minus
= equal
> weak ordering
0 empty
S any
P any

Blue Earth Islands
SaP All S is P
SeP No S is P
SiP Some S is P
SoP Some S is not P

images square

Universal affirmative A
Universal negative E
Particular affirmative I
Particular negative O

Happy Portal Cove

Barbara (AAA)
All men are mortal. (MaP)
All Greeks are men. (SaM)
All Greeks are mortal. (SaP)

M-P=0 and S-M=0 then S-P=0

Celarent (EAE)
Similar: Cesare (EAE)

No reptiles have fur. (MeP)
All snakes are reptiles. (SaM)
No snakes have fur. (SeP)

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Does Innovation Need Language?

JMK Walkow

“There had been a few genius mathematicians who invented much more than a computing-like device, they figured out one of the most important intelligence formulas. Rob had programmed it in the Mold language.”
– J.M.K. Walkow, Blue Earth

Beach and Mold Language

Since its inception in 2005, the Mold languages bring benefits by focusing on concise communication, quickly adapting its format matching innovation.

The Mold languages consists of elements and operations, using all of the four grammar notations: prefix, infix, postfix and outfix: {{element} | {operation}}

Blue Earth Sands

Can use of a Mold dialect help to discover a cure for cancer?

Do you want to try it, writing in Mold?

Blue Earth Shores
Thank you to the publishing body of “Blazing Night”, “Naturalistic Fantasy” and “Blue Earth” for the permissions to use the copyrighted materials:

Blue Earth: The Body J. M. K. Walkow, ISBN 978-0-9866564-4-6, 2015
Naturalistic Fantasy J. M. K. Walkow, ISBN 978-0-9866564-2-2, 2013
Blazing Night J. M…

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