Cyber Security Measures – NF ranking March 10, 2016

J. M. K. Walkow

“The Revolutionary Council of Clones deployed complex security procedures curbing interplanetary traffic to and from Saturn.”

–Blazing Night, J.M.K. Walkow


This is a Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) ranking of selected cyber security measures as of 12pm March 10, 2016:

$0.09 2016-03-10 Response
$0.08 2016-03-10 Intrusion detection
$0.04 2016-03-10 User account access controls
$0.04 2016-03-10 Cryptography
$0.02 2016-03-10 Firewalls

Should sensitive data be never stored outside of protected data storage systems?

How to improve the intrusion detection and response on every phone?


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