Mathematicians vs the Power of Evil – NF check

“There had been a few genius mathematicians who invented much more than a computing-like device, they figured out one of the most important intelligence formulas.” J.M.K. Walkow, Blue E…

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“Doing that she made sure an order was in place, and local legislators were created by the smartest clones the way they chose rather than a plan of her liking. Unclear why, but she trusted the loaded clones more than herself, more than Jupiter Donkey, more than the Government of the United Individuals of […]

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Green and yellow hating pair, over here rolling fast, now the red and white declaring: who is you and who am I. J.M.K. Walkow, Blazing Night The four classical elements are written in Naturalistic Fantasy, using a Mold slang syntax: element = modern interpretation + predominant quality + matching color + classical cause, Water […]

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“He could not stop thinking of how many years the young would yet have to study to get a permanent job and then share their pay with him. The first fruit of their toil belonged to him, he thought.” J.M.K. Walkow, Blazing Night Naturalistic Fantasy (NF) ranks for industrial unemployment solutions are, RANK DATE $0.03 […]

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